Automatic Gates & Barriers

Door Care & Security Ltd hold almost 40 years experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of all types of automatic gates and barriers.

Our specialist team will tailor a gateway solution providing you with the level of security you require to protect your premises while aesthetically matching its surroundings.  Every installation is carried out by our highly experienced, security vetted engineers so you can be assured that the automated entrance to your premises is safe, reliable, conforms to British Standard EN13241 and compliant with all current legislation and regulations.

In our position as a truly independent business, we are able to offer a wide selection of tried and tested solutions which have been sourced from a number of established manufacturers. As well as the provision of a brand new bespoke solution, Door Care & Security Ltd would also be delighted to carry out upgrades to your existing equipment and retro fit gate operators along with other necessary safety mechanisms to manual gates.

Our traffic barriers are suitable for both large and small premises, feature high visibility reflective striping, work in all weathers and can be individually adjusted to suit your requirements.

All our supplied gates and barriers include a manual override and additional safety features that prevent accidental closure upon either pedestrian or vehicle.

To help ensure that your gate and barrier systems continue to operate smoothly and remains compliant with BS EN14241, we strongly advise that all automated equipment is serviced every six months with a force test carried out at least once annually.  Allow us to provide peace of mind and take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance packages. Following each Preventative Maintenance service, we shall provide a full documentary record for each covered piece of equipment and liaise with you when further remedial works have been identified.

If you’re wondering what is covered within British Standard EN14241, it’s the umbrella standard that encompasses all powered gates and doors comprising of;

  • EN12453 – Areas on gates & doors where safety should be fitted (i.e. crushing and pull-in points) & defines how much force is allowed to be exerted on an object in these areas before backing off, and the allowed time before backing off. This standard also clearly defines that the leading edge or danger point on a gate must be covered by an active safety device up to a height of 2.5 metres – the area of coverage required cannot be fulfilled by photocells.
  • EN12445 – Defines the testing points on gates & doors, crucially the gate must be tested on crushing points (coming together points on swing gates, leading edge of a sliding gate) at intermittent heights. Force tests must be made to demonstrate this standard.
  • EN12978 – Defines self-test and resiliency characteristics of the transmitting system, critically must be Cat3 (EN-954-1 Cat3) Radio systems do not comply with this norm
  • EN1760-2 – Defines the characteristics of the safety edge, what material it is made from, how fast it switches when depressed, how resistant to UV, Chemical damage etc. Few safety edges meet this requirement so you should check with the manufacturer for certification and test certificates.

All of these requirements must be fulfilled to meet the overall EN13241-1 standard for automatic gates & doors.

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