Automatic Doors

Door Care & Security Ltd can supply, install, repair and maintain automated doors whatever the application.

Create a welcoming entrance at your premises, improve accessibility and satisfy the requirements of both the Equality Act 2010 and Building Regulations Act 2010 while increasing security with our wide range of automated access solutions.

All of our work on automated doors is carried out in accordance with British Standard EN16005

  • Automatic sliding doors – Particularly popular with supermarkets and hospitals, automated sliding doors provide the ideal solution for areas of high pedestrian traffic where a wide opening is required.
  • Automatic swinging doors – Opening outwards or inwards, offering automatic motion control or secured with keypad/fob controllers, we can assist in helping you choose the most suitable solution for your premises. As well as new units, in many cases, it’s possible to convert existing doorways to provide automated access.
  • Automated folding doors – While creating a great impression for visitors to your premises, automated folding doors are ideal when space is at a premium. Whether installed in front of an opening or between two walls, automated folding doors are our recommendation for securing narrow passageways in buildings such as residential care homes, hospitals, office buildings, hotels and restaurants.

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