Access Control

While traditional locks will help to keep your premises secure, problems can arise when keys are either lost, stolen or copied. To avoid expensive costs incurred when replacing locks and re-issuing keys, Door Care & Security recommend the installation and implementation of an Access Control system.

We can supply systems which provide you with complete control over who is granted access to your building and specific areas within it, at any time day or night. Our Access Control solutions work in conjunction with physical infrastructure such as locks, internal or external doors, turnstiles, gates and traffic barriers.

Following installation, all doors will automatically lock when closed and can only be unlocked by an authorised person using either a pin entry code or access fob. As restrictions can be placed upon each authorised user, this allows you to prevent entry to specified areas of the building by unauthorised staff, while still allowing all of them to use the main entrance without impediment. If required, access can also be restricted to specific times of the day.

When used in conjunction with gates and car park barriers, an Access Control system will allow you to completely control access to your buildings car park and its entrance points. All visitors and vehicles will be stopped at the relevant barrier with entry or exit prevented until the authorised user presents their smart card or proximity key fob.

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