Why is regular preventative maintenance for your automated doors so important?

In the same way that your car or your central heating boiler needs a regular service to keep them running smoothly while reducing the risk of sudden breakdowns, all automated doors, gates, barriers and shutters require exactly the same attention with a preventative maintenance service taking place at least once every year.

Due to their overall levels of reliability, it’s easy to become lulled into a false sense of security but what would be the impact upon your business if, without warning, the main entrance to your premises malfunctioned and prevented access either into, or out of the building (or even both!!)?

It could even lead to legal action being taken if anybody was to become hurt or seriously injured as a result!

Along with mitigating the risk of sudden breakdown, there are a number of very important safety features that require serious consideration.

What should be checked during a preventative maintenance visit?


Preventative maintenance

  • Are all of the safety sensors working properly?
  • Will the door cease to open or close if it’s obstructed?
  • Is the force and speed that the door is opening set to the correct levels for the application?
  • Is there enough guarding in place to prevent fingers becoming trapped?

Regulations currently in place across the UK stipulate that employers and building managers have a duty to protect both workers and visitors against injury by ensuring that their buildings are “fit for purpose”.

To demonstrate compliance and prevent the risk of invalid property insurance, all automated doors, roller shutters, gates and barriers should receive a Preventative Maintenance service at least once annually.

Again, like your car or boiler, a well maintained, regularly serviced set of automated doors, gates, barriers or shutters are less likely to suddenly fail and remain in service for longer.

Achieve peace of mind with preventative maintenance from Door Care & Security


At Door Care and Security Ltd, our Preventative Maintenance Contracts ensure that you can satisfy your legal obligations and achieve ongoing compliance.  When attending your site, our fully qualified engineers will check your installed equipment for;

preventative maintenance

  • Wear and tear
  • Minor damage
  • Sensor faults
  • Programming errors
  • Mandatory signage

When our preventative maintenance visit has been completed, Door Care & Security shall provide a full documentary record for each covered piece of equipment and liaise with you when further remedial works have been identified.

In a world of ever changing standards and evolving Health and Safety legislation, allow us to remove this headache and help you achieve peace of mind by scheduling a programme of regular Preventative Maintenance visits tailored to fit the needs of your business.